Welcome to Our 12 Bible Lesson Series


My personal passion is to help people grow spiritually by His grace, through faith in His Word. The purpose of this 12-lesson series is for people to be rooted and grounded in the principles of God’s Word through systematic Bible study. The better understanding, we have of God’s plan for making true disciples, the better disciples we will become.

12-Lesson Series

  1. The Sin Problem
  2. Understanding Justice, Mercy, and Grace
  3. Justification by Faith – How and When Does It Happen?
  4. The Promised Seed of Abraham – Key Lesson
  5. Baptism in Jesus Name
  6. Sanctification
  7. Our Identity Crisis
  8. Getting To Know Him
  9. Spiritual Warfare
  10. Spiritual Warfare – Part 2
  11. Called to Be Witnesses
  12. Let’s Go on Unto Perfection


I have written a paper concerning the Oneness of God entitled In the Beginning Was the Word. It is a scriptural based alternative to the Trinity.

I will be adding a new lesson each week. Please check back regularly or follow my blog to get updates when I add new entries.



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